Here we are in 2021, and the hysteria surrounding masks is still going on.

On an Amtrak train posted from New York Penn Station, two ladies with masks and protective shields on were caught on video harassing and freaking out over the male passengers who pulled down their masks just to drink their coffees Tuesday morning. The video of the confrontation later went viral.

Tweeted out by political commentator and user Ashley St. Clair, you can see the two ladies were filming the men as they were sitting down and just being themselves.

Upon learning that they were being filmed, the women confronted Ashley and others onboard before being warned by the conductor to go back to their seats before they call the police.

However, Ashley was still confronted later by one of the ladies who filmed her and the men and called her a ‘Nazi’ and a ‘doxxing b*tch.’

It turns out that one of the ladies who was yelling at the men and Ashley is a photojournalist/contributor for the Huffington Post.

Just when we all thought the hysteria of the ‘mask police’ and the ‘Karen’ memes were a thing of last year, we were all wrong. To be bothering these people who were just drinking coffees (while following the rules we should add) is completely bothersome.

Just a good thing that the vaccine is getting rolled out soon to everyone, because this situation would be getting a lot worse than it should.

**Screenshot Image/Original Video Courtesy to Ashley St. Clair (Twitter)**


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