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Twins 18 Game Playoff Drought!!! Worst Run In The Big 4 Sports History!!!!!

Written by JohnnyB

The twins are a very like-able franchise. They had a great movie with Little Big League based around them, and they have the Midwest charm. St. Paul and Minneapolis is a very underrated metro center.

I would imagine that it sucks to be a local fan though. The Vikings are a perennial mediocre franchise who sometimes makes a run in the playoffs. The Wild are halfway decent some years and the TimberWolves has be their moments. The Twins are probably the most successful team in the area as of late. The one problem is they make the playoffs but lose. How the hell do you lose 18 straight games in the playoffs. The worst in the big 4 sports history of postseason games.

  1. Minnesota Twins: 18 games (2004 to present)
  2. Chicago Blackhawks: 16 games (1975-79)
  3. Detroit Pistons: 14 games (2008 to present)
  4. Los Angles Kings: 14 games (1993-2001)

Not only have they not won a game since 2004 in the playoffs they haven’t won a series since 2002. Before that though they were a good franchise even winning 2 World Series!

Did they sell their 2 World Series wins to the devil for a lifetime of ineptitude in the playoffs forever??

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