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TV6 & FOX UP Doesn’t Care If Your Family Was Just In A Serious Car Accident, They’ll Still Show The Pictures Before Knowing Anything | Seeing Backlash Once Again – @WLUCTV6

Written by TrevStone

You know what I’ve learned while building Pro Sports Extra? Not to show somethings – especially before ANY information is out.

TV6 & Fox UP literally did news article today about an accident that happened in Ishpeming and used photos that looks like were taken as soon as the ambulance arrived. People are laying around, looks like someone is being helped by paramedics. As we tend to cover random Yooper topics we stayed off of this one.

You can somewhat see the accident from the image above. But if you are reading this you are more than likely looking to judge the image to see if it was a dumb idea to post it or not. I didn’t want to include the full image that they had but you can click here to view it.

Whenever we have posted accidents – we had used media images or images of the police/ambulance on the way.

Especially we wouldn’t post as graphic as TV6 posted today. We’ve posted the most graphic stuff – but someones loved ones maybe dying moments after the accident? The article literally says the amount of injuries are unknown at this time.

What a shame!

I understand the news has to get out. Pictures will be posted. But this soon after the accident? What happened to reporting the news without making everyone want to cry/throw up? I hate seeing images of car accidents and so does everyone else.

Oh yeah, it’s clicky. Although TV6 has been around forever and I was on the show twice, this is crazy. We are ranked a top 50,000 website when they’re ranked top 80,000. They’re falling behind, we are climbing.

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