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Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Has Arrived On Nintendo Switch, and There’s Nostalgia Galore

Written by Robert Workman

The Nintendo 64 still provides some weight to classic gamers out there, with its many games offering hours’ worth of memories. But one that stands out to a lot of players out there is Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, a premiere experience that debuted on the system in 1997. Produced by Acclaim and Iguana Entertainment, the game was a triumph in the first-person shooting department, and was followed by several sequels.

But if you missed it the first time around, not to worry, as you can now relive that nostalgia with the game’s arrival on the Nintendo Switch platform. Nightdive Studios has produced this version, which runs at a beautiful frame rate on both the docked and portable front, making it an ideal game on the go or at home. And, yes, the cheat codes still work, in case you want to load up with weapons right off the bat.

The nostalgic favorite puts you in the shoes of the legendary hunter as he takes on human and dino foes alike, using everything from explosive arrows to machine guns to other spectacular weapons, which are ready to dish out all kinds of destruction. The game features massive levels to explore, along with the original visuals and sound you’d expect from the N64 version.

The game goes for $19.99, which isn’t too bad a price considering the boost of nostalgia you’re getting here. On top of that, it doesn’t take up too much room on your memory card either, as it clocks in at a very paltry 200MB.

There’s more where that came from as well, as the developer is hard at work on bringing Turok 2: Seeds of Evil to the system as well, with all its features- and Cerebral Bore- intact. It’s set to debut sometime later this year, likely around the same price.

No, it may not be Goldeneye, but we’ll certainly take our Nintendo 64 bliss wherever we can get it. And besides, who doesn’t love Turok?!

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