Turns Out Jim Boeheim Was Correct About Duke Without Jalen Johnson

Not even a week after Jim Boeheim says that Duke is better without Jalen Johnson, Duke wipes the floor with Syracuse without Jalen Johnson. This was a matchup between two teams outside of the NCAA tournament and neither could afford a loss. Duke jumped on Syracuse from the start, hitting ten threes in the first half and led by 20 for most of the game.

Duke has now won four in a row, all-dominating wins. They weren’t against the best teams, but still. A month ago, Duke couldn’t even beat awful teams. This team has all of a sudden turned a corner and actually looks like a real basketball team. Honestly, Boeheim might have been right about Jalen Johnson and Duke.

Duke is now 6-0 without Johnson, 5-8 with Johnson. I know it’s insane because Johnson is crazy talented but, hey the numbers don’t lie. This team plays so much better without Johnson. Makes no sense but it is true. Now, Duke is 11-8 on the season. According to Joe Lunardi Duke is in the first four out. Duke has a legit shot at sneaking into the tournament, two weeks ago that seemed impossible.

This must be bitter sweet for Boeheim. On one side he was correct but it came at his teams own expense. Now Syracuse finds themselves in a tough spot to go dancing in March.

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