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Turmoil With New England Patriots

Written by Tony Ghaul

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick is still angry with QB Mac Jones over the Matt Patricia debacle.

There’s dysfunction between Belichick and Jones. The relationship is rocky.

Ever since the departure of legendary QB Tom Brady, the Patriots have struggled to find any sort of consistency or stability.

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Patriots is at quarterback.

In 2021, the Patriots felt that Mac Jones would be the long-term answer for them at QB. After a rocky 2022 that saw Jones butt heads with coaches, that’s not certain anymore.

Mac Jones’ antics may have made Bill Belichick angry, according to insider Tom Curran.

“As we know, a disloyalty in Bill’s mind is almost worse than bad play,” Curran said in an interview with WEEI. “Mac [Jones], even though you could say it’s ironic because he’s trying to get better and he’s wondering ‘Are we (Patriots) supposed to be doing it this way?’ And he’s asking around the football world about it. That effort to improve was showing up the Matt Patricia-Joe Judge contingent that Bill put in charge. When Bill caught wind of it — he’s still pissed about it.”

Jones clashed heads with Matt Patricia over play calling during the 2022 season. He aired his frustrations on and off the field.

Jones sought offensive advice from outside the Patriots’ staff in 2022, Tom E. Curran reports Belichick remains “agitated” at his signal-caller.

Jones reportedly wasn’t the only Patriots QB to verbalize frustration with the system and staff.

The Patriots futility at offense last season led them to search for a new offensive coordinator. They hired someone who is familiar with the Patriots way, Bill O’Brien.

O’Brien was on the staff of the many New England offenses that routinely won Super Bowls in the last two decade.

Belichick won’t commit to Mac Jones as the starting quarterback. Last week, he made it clear that Jones and Bailey Zappe will each have a chance to play in 2023.

A lot of dysfunction is going in New England. Will the Patriot way survive?

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