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Tua Tagovaiola Thrown Down To Ground, Smashes Head Again, Has Nasty Concussion – Fingers Move In Wild Way – | Stretched out

This is one of the scariest things that I’ve ever seen on the football field. Tua Tagovaiola was just thrown down to the ground and smashed his head onto the field and ended up moving his fingers around in a very scary way.

This comes just a week after he had a concussion and managed to come back and play in the same game.

The way his fingers were moving is from head trauma according to doctors.

This is a terrible look for the entire NFL that this happened. He shouldn’t have been cleared to come back last week and sure the hell shouldn’t have been playing this week with him falling down last week.

This might be the end of his season and who knows if he will ever be able to recover from something like his. Two concussions within four days? Good job NFL. And they wonder why former players are constantly suing. Tua shouldn’t have been able to come back last week and now this?

If I’m Roger Goodell and I’m at the game, I’d feel nothing but ashamed.

I’d never want to compare injuries but this reminds me of Jahvid Best’s concussion in college when lingered into his NFL career:

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