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Trysta Krick Is Quitting Barstool Sports | @Trysta_Krick

Written by TrevStone

Recent news came out of the Barstool Sports world that Trysta Krick is going to be leaving the company very soon. Krick has had drama throughout her time at Barstool but personally I thought that she was doing a good job. Her expertise is in the basketball space and I enjoy whenever she has been on Barstool streams and getting after Smitty although she might be a little loud and might have blown some ear drums in her day – but I’ve enjoyed her time at The Stool.

The news came out during a Stool Streams:

She has started a new job which is reportedly at WFAN:

She started at Barstool in late 2019 after spending two years at USA Today, there are rumors going around that Barstool didn’t match her contract. I’m unsure if that’s true of if they didn’t renew it and she had to find a new home. I’m guessing they attempted to keep her but they weren’t winning to pay the amount her new employer would.

Congrats to Trysta!

Who else reportedly quit? Rico Bosco.

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