Trump Inviting Lil Pump Up During A Rally Proves We Are In A Simulation or A South Park Episode

As we all know, the 2020 election is tonight. I for one can’t for wait this shit show to be over. Rapper Lil Pump has been outspoken recently of his support for Trump. so Donald himself invited him up to the stage during his rally yesterday. Talk about things I thought I would ever type. The best part was Trump didn’t even get the name right, calling him Lil Pimp instead. I just can’t believe all this is real life, it feels like we are in a South Park episode. I don’t even know if the South Park writers could come up with this and that’s say something, those guys get creative. Of course, this made for some great memes.


Lil Pump wasn’t the only rapper to make a appearance at a Rally yesterday. 2 Chainz made a appearance at the Biden and Harris Rally.

Again I just can’t believe this is real life. Thank goodness all of this is almost over.

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