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Trucks for Trump Floridian ASSAULTS Teenager Protestor

Written by Enzothree

There’s a lot to decompress in the title of this blog. Racist trump supporter who clearly doesn’t support Black Lives Matter attacks a protestor half his size and age. Actually, that was pretty easy.

This man who lives in Brevard County in Florida took time out of his day to “bring violence to a peaceful BLM protest.” He took a flagpole and hit a young teenager in the mouth causing her to bleed. What the hell is wrong with this guy? The girl is half your size and isn’t even inciting violence.

This man has to know that he can get away with this. He even goes so far as to threaten her with a gun. Of course, as this Facebook post says, Walker is parading his actions and receiving praise from his friends and continues to go by unpunished.

hi facebook friends! robert walker, a resident here in brevard county took it upon himself to bring violence to a…

Posted by Alyssa Lombardo on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

How many times will we have to see viral stories like this surface on the Internet. Why is it that Trump supporters just blatantly act against a movement that is just trying to push for equality. We are so far away from unity and lack a leader to help unify us. Our President is literally hiding from the protestors and have denounced the BLM movement harder and sooner than he denounced the Charleston rioters. What the absolute fuck is that all about? Let’s hope this man is caught and punished accordingly.

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