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Last season one of the biggest things mentioned about the Pittsburg Steelers was the inability to move the ball down the field. With the retirement of “Big” Ben Roethlisberger, Mitch Trubisky will grab the reigns for the Pittsburg Steelers in the first pre season game on Saturday against the Seahawks. This will be his third team since 2009 and having the weapons he has around him in Pittsburg should bring him to be one of the top Quarterbacks in the league.

With his statement about the Bears “playing the coaches game” down to the Bills letting “Josh go out there and play his game.” He will now have that opportunity under Matt Canadas Offense. With having one year on Josh Allen the Quarterback from the Bills incredibility Trubisky has very similar numbers.

Mike Tomlin said “Mitch’s silver bullet, if you will, is his fluidity and mobility. He’s a really good athlete.”

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Athleticism was the attractive thing that lead Trubisky to Pittsburg along with his ability to move the ball down the field should make this offense what they were before, explosive and exciting to watch. Even though the starting Quarterback hasn’t been named for the season, Trubisky is turning heads according to Najee Harris. Who knows, the woes of not moving the ball down the field last season just might slip into the back of the minds if Trubisky can be let loose and play his game.

Only a matter of time before we have our answer to the starting Quarterback question. With weapons at Wide Receiver, Tight End, and Running Back and if Trubisky is at the helm with this offense, moving the ball down the field will be no problem.

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