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Trouble In Big D? Micah Parsons Calls Out CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper #DallasCowboys

Written by austenlange

This is competition in it’s finest form. Micah Parsons has been a MONSTER this season. His confidence is probably higher than Jerry Jones’ money stacks after the rookie campaign he’s putting together.

I’m not entirely sure if he actually is or isn’t faster than CeeDee Lamb or Amari Cooper and frankly I don’t care. With as much swagger and juice Parson’s has been playing with I wouldn’t put anything past him.

Lamb ran a very quick 4.51 40 yard dash at his combine.

Amari beat Lamb by running a 4.43 WHICH IS MOVING

MICAH RAN A 4.39……. That is absolutely ridiculous for anyone let alone your top pass rusher.

We all know Parsons is absolute freak of nature and has been leading this team almost single handedly, which I love so so much. I really do appreciate everyone who labeled him as undraftable because boy, this mother fucker GOES.

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