Tristan Thompson Is Being Alleged Of Cheating On Khloe Kardashian AGAIN For Texting His Side Chicks On Snapchat

Written by austenlange

Tristan Thompson man….. Just fucking leave the woman for the LOVE OF GOD.

In one of the scenes for the Hulu show, Kardashian fans busted him fully focused on his phone and checking text messages instead of paying attention to what was going on.

Now obviously this is white chick speculation and could be wrong but with the track record that Tristan Thompson has proven over the years that he is just a full piece of shit.

Tristan deserves no one to ever be nice or believe him until he proves himself otherwise, which will never happen because he is a scumbag through and through.

How Khloe stays with him after all of the embarrassment is absolutely wild. I will never understand people who stay in toxic relationships even though it is so so detrimental to their mental health. I am sure it is all to blame on her mother who cares more about perception from the public over anything.

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