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Trisha Paytas is a Hypocrite and if You Support Her, You Are Too! @trishapaytas

Written by Chris Powers

To call Trisha Paytas a hypocrite would be a vast understatement. She is a slimy lout mouthed parasite with a fanbase of bottom feeding garbage dwellers. I have made it very clear I do not condone David Dobrik’s complicity with the alleged sexual misconduct of his former associate Durte Dom. But Trisha has been on a rampage bashing Dobrik ever step of the way with tweets like the following:

These are just a few of the many tweets Paytas put out there, but that last tweet may have bothered me the most. Trisha, you are conniving hypocritical sea cow. How dare you claim he is all about the money when for more than a year you made yourself available in many of David’s vlogs just to spread your own not even D list celebrity fame? You latched onto Jason Nash and constantly gave consent to be in videos that did nothing but advertise the Trisha Paytas brand name to increase your follower account on various platforms. During the time these vlogs were created and post for the world to see, did you ever cry foul that they shouldn’t be aired? Of course you didn’t, because it did nothing but make you more wealthy to be included in them! Did you suddenly just realize some of things David was doing was wrong? Because the tweets below don’t seem like you had any issues with David at the time as long as he put you in the spotlight in his videos that would easily eclipse a million views per episode.

The bottom line is this. Despite all of the claims she saw David and company do horrible things during her time spent with the VLOG Squad, Trisha did nothing at the time to out their atrocities. She did nothing but leverage David’s fame to increase her own following, and the moment she was no longer dating Nash she immediately began bashing Dobrik and his friends for ruining her life. Trisha is not exactly a beacon of moral high ground. She had no problem participating with Dobrik in all of these escapades, but the moment that vehicle of advertisement went away she did nothing but try to tear him down and continues to do so.

Trisha, whether you realize it or not, and I can only assume you lack the intellect to comprehend this, you are a big part of the problem. You are no different than any of the other VLOG squad members who did not come forward or at least attempt to thwart Dobrik’s actions.

Enjoy your blood money Trisha. I hope you’re happy with your complicity to David’s foul actions while pretending to the world you were completely opposed to them.

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