Triple H Returns to RAW and Randy Orton Challenges Him

Written by Mike Rickard II

The January 11, 2021 RAW opened with a bang as Triple H returned to the WWE. As reported earlier, Triple H would be appearing on RAW following the announcement that Drew McIntyre has tested positive for COVID-19.

“The Cerebral Assassin” entered the ring to tremendous cheers, only for Randy Orton to interrupt him. Orton asked Triple H if he was going to enter him in the Royal Rumble at number 30 or just award the WWE Championship to him.

Helmsley told Orton he’s watched him over the last year and he’s been impressed by some of the things he’s done, including setting the Fiend on fire. However, he’s not been impressed by what Orton has been doing to legends whether it’s humiliating them on Legends Night or punt-kicking them in the head. “The Game” told Orton his actions confirm what he knows, Orton isn’t a legend…he’s a prick. Orton challenged Helmsley to a fight (not a match) but Triple H told him Orton should know when someone wants something that badly, you don’t give it to him. There’s nothing to be gained by giving Orton a match. Instead, he says no-that is until Orton tells Helmsley it’s too bad Stephanie isn’t present so she could give Triple H his balls back. Predictably, “The Game” slugs Orton, leading to speculation whether he’ll fight him.

Will Triple H accept “The Legend Killer’s” challenge and if so, will he join his friends Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels on Orton’s list of victims? The WWE is likely hoping fans will at least stay tuned to find out as RAW is facing stiff competition from the NCAA Football Championship contest.

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