Trey Mancini to Participate in Home Run Derby; NCAA is Stupid

Written by Nick30muench

Trey Mancini made his way back to baseball after missing all of the 2020 season battling stage 3 colon cancer, and just announced that he’s participating in the home run derby in Colorado.

This is awesome for all of baseball. Regardless of team, everyone was rooting for this guy. It’s awesome to see him not only be healthy, but come back and be successful playing again.

I’m other news the NCAA is at it again, making decisions that will effect the athletes for the rest of their lives. The day after disqualifying NC State for covid, they tweeted this:

This is the main problem with most celebrities/sports teams/corporations/ restaurants and their covid policies. NC State was disqualified for covid protocols after working hard all year to get to the point they’re at. This is the official statement from the NCAA:

So, you’re going to disqualify a team for covid protocols, then hold 20,000+ people in a stadium and brag about how many people attend your event? That’s the main problem with all of these protocols that come out and people have to follow.

Every company is different with what rules they put into place. There are shopping malls where certain places have absolutely no protocols, but the stores directly beside it doesn’t allow anyone to sit in and puts every precaution available. This is in direct relation with what the NCAA did to NC State. How can you say you care and disqualify a team for covid protocols, then go directly against those same protocols and hold 20,000 people in a ballpark with no testing or precautions?

Not only did they do that to NC State, but they but blame on Omaha health officials, saying that they were recommended by those officials to forfeit NC State. However, those same health officials are claiming the exact opposite.

I really have no idea how they get away with doing this to a team. I don’t think anyone has a problem if NC State was disqualified, but to contradict yourself time and time again is infuriating when you sweep the rug out from them.

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