Trey Lance To Hire A Private Detective To Keep An Eye On His Wife’s Instagram

Written by austenlange

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the San Francisco 49ers and their star players, seeing Trey Lance post that he needs someone to keep tabs on his wife’s instagram.

I am sure the young star doesn’t want to lose this attractive of a woman so he is going above and beyond to see if he is actually being played.

We all know that NFL Media loves to take things out of context and stretch them out into lies that don’t materialize but I do believe there is something here.

Just kidding. Trey Lance is just out here playing games with everyone and is just toying you media nerds to take the bait and run with it.

It is nice to see Deebo finally wanting the be in San Fran again by following them back, but it still doesn’t fully answer what plans the team has in store for the young QB.

Lance will continue to grow on and off the field as a leader, but lets just hope he can keep his marriage in check.

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