Trevor Lawrence Asks for Signing Bonus In BITCOIN #STONKS

With this years NFL Draft coming up it’s fairly easy to say that Clemson Quarterback Trevor Lawrence will undoubtedly be the number 1 overall pick. However, Lawrence through a little wrench into things by saying he wants his signing bonus paid to him in BITCOIN. Now many of the old heads of the world are probably shaking their heads and calling him an idiot, but oh how the contrary.

NFL Player, Sean Culkin, Converts $970k Salary to Bitcoin: Bitcoin

This news breaks the day after Chiefs player Sean Culkin had his entire salary converted into BITCOIN. While this is a gamble I do believe it’ll pan out for both of these players in the long run. In Lawrence’s case for instance, he has decided to partner up with Blockfolio to make this happen. I see this decision as Lawrence deciding that even if his NFL career fails that he will still have some unliquidated funds that could help him if the situation arises.

The next question I have is this. Does Trevor Lawrence making this decision influence other upcoming NFL stars to follow in his footsteps? Does this mean I need to dump my whole life savings into cryptos because there could be a giant influx of people purchasing the stock? Probably not, however my pea brain doesn’t allow me to make rational decisions and I will be buying Dogecoin until it blows the moon up.

I really do hope this pays off for Lawrence. It’s a big investment and I imagine he’s got an entire team of financial advisor behind telling him the do’s and don’ts when it comes to his money. I think having more high profile athletes and celebrities going out and pumping their money into crypto could pay off for the common man. I’ll keep holding the line and buying the dips because stocks only go up.

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