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Trevor Lawerence to the Jaguars is the best thing for the NFL

With their stunning victory over the Los Angeles Rams, the New York Jet first win of the 2020 season may actually be their biggest loss of the season.

The win gave them a 1-13 record on the year. This puts them in a tie with the Jacksonville Jaguars for the worst record in the league, but more importantly, bumped them from the first overall draft selection and the right to draft Clemson superstar, Trevor Lawerence.

This is actually the best case scenario for Lawerence and the NFL as a whole.

The Jets have proven over the course of their franchise that they cannot and will not develop a quarterback properly. Jacksonville obviously has a much shorter history, but at least has had multiple playoff runs in recent memory.

The Jaguars also have some playmaker on offense. DJ Chark, James Robinson, and Laviska Shenault are all good skill position players. If drafted by Jacksonville, Lawerence would not be hampered by poor receivers around him. The same cannot be said about the Jets, whose top offensive weapon is 90-year-old “Four Yard” Frank Gore.

We all know Lawerence has all of the tools to succeed in this league. Would he turn the Jets around? Maybe. Or maybe he’d be a huge flop like all of the other quarterbacks they have ruined.

Would he turn the Jaguars around? I would definitely think so. While they have plenty of disfunction down in Jacksonville, they now have an opportunity to hire a new GM and head coach that can maximize the ability of Trevor Lawerence and make their re-build a quick one and become a contender in a short few years.

The Jets win was a huge loss for New York, but a huge win for the NFL.

Lawerence will have a chance to succeed in Jacksonville while giving the NFL a bonafide star in the process.

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