Trevor Bauer is Now SUING The Athletic and MLB Reporter Molly Knight For Defamation of Character

Written by austenlange

As many know, at the beginning of the 2021 MLB season Trevor Bauer was accused of sexual assault.

In February of 2022 the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office announced to the media that they would not be pressing charges over sexual assault allegations for the Cy Young winner. And before that, a judge in the California Superior Court DENIED the accuser’s request for a restraining order.

Bauer was accused of punching, choking, and being violent with her against her will. Bauer did admit that the sex was, “rough” but assured everyone that it was indeed consensual.

Well now, Bauer is suing The Athletic and former reporter Molly Knight.

I really do hope justice is served in this situation. Whether that be him not being a sexual assaulter or the people who spread slanderous articles about him.

Stay tuned in with @PSE_Austen for all updates on the matter.

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