It appears twitter has placed us a great test on what kind of upbringing we all had, and I’m all the fucking way in.


If you choose Diet Coke, I’ve got a question. Were you raised by sociopaths? WHO LIKES SHITTIER TASTING COKE???? Not me I’ll say that god damn much. I feel like Diet Coke has been exposed as just being the worst thing for you ever and people still butt chug that shit as if the secret of life is in the bottom of that can. You disgust me and probably reside in some cookie cutter home with a mother named “Sheridan”, or “Bridget”. I despise you all and wish nothing but awful things to you all.



If you drank this any other time in your life other than having a stomach bug what is wrong with you? If someone hands me a 7-Up I immediately get offended. How dare you give me bootleg Sprite. 7-Up isn’t even the second best lemon-lime soda so any person who WILLINGLY drank this shit belongs in an Asylum.


THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE IS THAT MOTHER FUCKING HEATER BABY. Sunkist was for those with superior taste buds. The combination of the carbonation, and the orange bro??? FUCK I loved that shit. Just think about it with me real quickly. You’re out running errands with your mom all day and you have been sweating your ass off mad as fuck at mom. You guys are leaving the grocery store and she allows you to choose one drink from the vending machines and you grab that cold Sunkist…. Bliss is what I like to call it. Kel was always a hero of mine for his ability to spread this knowledge to the masses.


This soda was as close to booze as it could be as a child. I loved Mountain Dew so much due to my parents not wanting to be “all hopped up on goofballs and sugar plums” Their words, not mine. I would have my buddies older brother go buy me a sixer of these bad boys once a week because even at a young age I knew I was nefarious POS.

No matter what you choose I guarantee it’s not going to sit well with others. Sound off in the comments and let us know what you’d choose, and why!


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