TRENDING: Why Did Kurt Warner Wear A Tin Foil Puffer Jacket

In a world where many people are being ridiculed online for what they wear I think Kurt Warner might’ve just taken the cake on this all.

On tonight’s impromptu Monday “Afternoon” Football game with the Browns and Raiders. At first glance I honestly didn’t hardly see this but now that it’s been pointed out to me, I can’t un-see it.

This man is dressed like my leftovers…. Who green lit this jacket for Kurt??

It’s just absolutely hilarious that when he left his hotel room today he looked in the mirror and said “yea this is it”. Like does Kurt Warner have the worst friend group ever? Who would let someone they care about go out into public dressed like Prota Zoa from The Disney movie Zenon??

I mean clown outfit for this kind of a game Kurt. Hopefully his new movie helps outshine this because this outfit was an all-time blunder.

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