The No Fun League (NFL) has issued this weeks worth of fines to players and coaches and well I’m not happy here. Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb is being fined a whopping total of $20k for not having his jersey tucked in during the game against the Vikings. Bullshit absolute bull shit. Who cares if his shirt untucked.

Now lets compare this to the fines Aaron Rodgers is facing for violating the NFL COVID guidelines. $14K now this is still a good chunk of change but the total being less than an untucked jersey is asinine. Roger Goodell is a fucking bitch boy who is about as transparent as Snoop Dogg’s bong water. How does a player who lied and knowingly has made himself into public enemy number 1 not receive a punishment fitting to the crime.

Obviously having an untucked jersey is far less severe than a player totally ignoring COVID Protocols.

I just don’t get the hypocrisy, they say many young athletes go broke due to their financial negligence but will fine them large sums of money because of how they dress. Fucking bitches.


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