Traci Lords To Play Mysterious Real Life Serial Killer

Written by Shannon Walsh

Actress/singer/fashionista Traci Lords will be filming the upcoming film “The Farm”. It is based on the true story surrounding Belle Gunness who was believed to have killed at least fourteen people in Illinois and Indiana between 1884 and 1908. She would bury the bodies on her La Porte, Indiana farm.

The death of Gunness was never confirmed. Authorities assumed she died with her three children in a fire at her farmhouse but DNA test results were inclusive. In the years following the fire, police investigated several reports from people claiming they witnessed her walking around the Chicago area but there were no solid leads to prove it.

There were other suspicious fires surrounding Gunness. The candy store and home she owned with her husband Mads Sorenson both burned down. They were able to collect the insurance money on each.

It is believed that Gunness ended up killing Sorenson to collect on his life insurance policy, which not so coincidentally, was set to expire on the same day he died. His death was ruled a cerebral hemorrhage. Gunness claimed he was suffering from a headache so she gave him quinine powder then later found him dead.

Her next husband, Peter Guinness, died of head trauma several months after they were married. It was ruled an accidental death. Gunness said he fell while trying to grab something on a top shelf and a meat grinder landed on his head.

Lords confirmed to me today that they will begin filming the movie in Indiana in April 2021.

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