Totino’s Rolls Out Two New Snack Mix Bags

The iconic Totino’s Pizza Rolls has unveiled two new snack bags that has all the party and pub-style eats that you would want to eat in one bag.  

Unveiled are two mini-sized bags specifically for the original flavored bite-sized Totino’s rolls and another is for American favorites.

The ‘Original’ bag contains the iconic rolls, mozzarella sticks, garlic bread bites, and another for cheesy marinara bites. 

The ‘American Favorites’ bag has the American-style cooking flavors in the bag. That mix includes cheeseburger-flavored rolls, ham and cheese rolls, cheddar cheese bites, and hash brown-like potato bites. 

Both bags are perfect for those who want to have pub-style food bites all in one bag. It’s also perfect for after-school snacks, lunch/dinner, parties and even tailgating. 

They will be available in frozen aisles stores sometime in the fall. Each bag of the 90 total bite-sized snacks will be sold for $8.79. 

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