Tory Lanez Goes On Instagram Live and Denies Shooting Megan The Stallion, Kind Of? @torylanez

Tory Lanez took to Instagram Live in his first appearance since the ‘shooting’ of Megan The Stallion. To summarize the video Tory basically denied shooting Meg but, not really. He seemed to talk in circles and never got to the point of either admitting involvement or denying it completely it was super confusing and Twitter has hopped on the bandwagon of roasting him. It was not a very convincing plea if you ask me but hey look for yourself!

I mean anyone with good judgement knows Tory shot her, I wrote a blog way back in July when this incident occurred saying that Tory shot Meg and I was roasted for it but look who looks right now! Me.

This is obviously a terrible incident and I believe this could of been a lot worse of an outcome than it was and Tory should be held accountable for his actions. I don’t know why he isn’t confessing he did it, this situation was just bizarre and very wacky. Who knows what will happen if Tory will get charged or what. I thought he already did but I guess we will just have to wait and see.
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