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Top Ten Athletes I Would Want To Party With

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1. Mike Tyson- The former toughest man in America that held nothing back in his prime.  Even to this day, it would probably be fun to go hang with Tyson but I would also like to travel back in time and meet him in his prime.  Conor is today’s Tyson but a little bit tamer than the stories of Tyson of old.  Rarely anyone gets that beyond superstar level like Tyson did and it would be fun to be along for any of that ride to see and hear the things going on in his life at that time.


Nominations that came close and just missed out would be Andre The Giant, Tiger Woods, Ric Flair, and Wade Boggs.  The wrestlers didn’t get in just cause most of the stories you hear is them just at a bar drinking and they never have days off to really get enjoyment out of it.  Wade Boggs just cause his legends proceeds him with the flight they say he drank 64 beers on and also he told Charley Day of Always Sunny in Philadelphia he drank 107 beers once in a day.  Only reason Tiger didn’t make the cut is we all know he doesn’t really like friends so he probably would never let me hang around him on his crazy Las Vegas trips.


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