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Top Ten Athletes I Would Want To Party With

3. Conor Mcgregor- This would be more for the entertainment that you are out with one of the toughest men on the planet and he raises hell.   We have all seen his crazy acts when he is sober and spouting crazy shit out of his mouth and throwing shit wanting to fight people can’t imagine what it would be like with some drinks in him.  He comes from a tough neighborhood so not just being able to start shit and knowing you are probably going to win, but also getting to hear some of the stuff he lived through would be awesome.

2. Rob Gronkowski– “Gronk” in its self-lets you know this guy is down to have a good time.  I am not a “BRO” guy although I have hung with some in my day and I can’t stop laughing when I have been out with them.  Which is part of the reason the biggest “BRO” of them all would be nothing short of fantastic!  He has rented out a whole cruise ship to have a party on and I can only imagine the girls he brings to the party.  With his carefree and upbeat personality it can only go one way and maybe the party will never end.


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