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Top Ten Athletes I Would Want To Party With

8. John Daly- Even though Daly is up there in age now I still see shots on social media of all kinds of crazy stuff the guy gets into.  This is a different aspect of getting messed up then with Jordan.  Daly is a guy who does not care where He parties from the trailer park to the nicest Country Club’s clubhouse.  When Daly goes in he is full-board I am sure if I try and stay drink for drink with him I am going to puke at some time that night.  I can only imagine the crazy shit we would get into and maybe never get out of.

7. Floyd Mayweather- For starters, he is called the money team so you know he’s going to blow money in the best way possible.  Hopefully, before you start to party if you get in good enough he will let you go drive one of his many exotic and expensive cars that I probably won’t even get to see in my lifetime let alone drive one.  The Money Team I am sure could get you into a ringside seat of the top boxing event of the year.  V.I.P for any club you wanted in Las Vegas as well.


6. Charles Barkley- My main reason for wanting to party with Charles is the fact he gives two shits less about what anyone thinks of him and will let them know it, he once threw a man out of a window which is awesome.  I am a degenerate gambler and I know Barkley is as well, so sitting all day at a Sportsbook in Las Vegas or any casino playing games would be a hell of a day spent.

5. Darryl Strawberry- This one is more if I could time travel, no one wants to party with him now.  I don’t do any illegal drugs but I cant say it wouldn’t have been fun to see him in his spun out years doing all the crazy shit that’s been reported.  Darryl could probably get you into some clubs you have never heard of in some crazy alleys in America.

4. John Mcenroe- Johnny Mac is just a living legend if you don’t want to party with him I can’t be your friend in life.  When he went on Mr. Deeds with Adam Sandler and was out roasting the town together I couldn’t stop laughing, that would be a great thing to reenact.  I am kind of an asshole but he takes it even further and I would love to have that guy as my friend out at bars together seeing what we would get into.


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