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Top Ten Athletes I Would Want To Party With

Being a single guy who likes to have a drink or two I figured I would come up with my top ten list of the best athletes I would want to party with.  I will break this down really to who I believe would be the most fun drinking with not going to be a dumb piece of just hanging out with people who have achieved greatness so being in their presence makes it fun.


10. Michael Jordan- Now I know a lot of you are thinking didn’t I just read he said it wasn’t going to be about achievements and you’re right, but this has nothing to do with how great he is instead it is about the stories we have all heard.  I myself like to gamble and if the legends are true about Jordan going on benders throughout the night and then playing basketball I am all in for this.  Not only does Mike like to play cards he is an avid golfer which means you can start your day out on the course playing any number of gambling golf games there is while throwing down a bunch of adult beverages.  After golf is wrapped up you can go to either a casino or a house game of cards for a night of cigars, adult beverages and I am sure lots of good stories.  If lucky enough who wouldn’t like to say they took money from Mike in golf and or cards?

9. Ricky Fowler- This might not hold up as much now that he is in a serious relationship but before that, I am sure there were some good times.  We have all seen the trips the guys take for spring break I can only imagine there are way better parties behind the scenes.  With Ricky, I am not sure what we would all get into or what his partying style would entail.  All I do know is he gave up dirt biking to become a golfer so you know there is a wild side that would be cool to see.


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