Top Seed Virginia Out Of ACC Tournament Due To Positive COVID Result

Written by Will

Make that two teams that have been forced to withdraw from the ACC Tournament thanks to a positive COVID test. It started yesterday when we learned Duke had a positive case and had to withdraw, ending their season. Now it is the reigning National Champions in Virginia. Now Georgia Tech is advancing to the ACC finals because of this. This obviously sucks for UVA. Especially after the crazy win they had yesterday over Syracuse.

This sucks, but everyone needs to stop freaking out. There are tournaments and games all across the country still being played today. The NCAA tournament will still be played. Now we have to wonder how the NCAA will handle Virginia. The Tournament starts a week from today, teams have to test negative seven times in a row before going up to Indianapolis for the big dance. Virginia is a projected four seed as of now, but may not even get to play in March Madness.

This won’t cancel the tournament. The NCAA has to play the tournament, it comes down to money. The NCAA has to have the tournament after not having one last year. There aren’t many scenarios where March Madness isn’t played, so everyone calm down. But it may not feature a top 20 team Virginia team.

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