Top Picks: Best Super Bowl Teams for Your Bets

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Cheering for your best teams in the Super Bowl can be exciting, but placing your bets on them can send you to another type of thrill. Football betting is also popular globally since the Super Bowl is an event that people, especially football enthusiasts, are waiting for. Of course, these bets should not be made recklessly, and they should be backed up with proper details and records of the team that you predict to win. 

Watching the football season, you can observe different teams likely to take the victory home in the Super Bowl event. In this way, you can guarantee that your money won’t be wasted by just putting a bet on a team you don’t even know about their current stats in their game. So here is a list of teams with a higher possibility of winning in the Super Bowl that everyone should know.

Kansas City Chiefs

During the game, Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce showed each of their best skills in the position groups in the NFL, and Reid is one of the best in the business. This indicates that the Kansas City Chiefs’ defense has become better than their previous games. The team garnered 14.3 points per game from weeks 6-16. 

During week 17, the Chiefs were tight while playing with Joe Burrow and Ja’ Marr Chase’s Bengals since these two are too much to handle. Fortunately, the Chiefs could have the division locked up and showcased a good football match. Kansas City Chiefs may not be the crowd’s favorite, but these newly improved Chiefs can compete with anyone in the AFC.

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans clinched the No1. Seed this past weekend. Without their lead player, Derrick Henry, the team has been slowly going forward to the playoffs. Still, the Titans won against the San Francisco 49ers  on Thursday Night Football in week 16 and doubled down and defeated the Miami Dolphins, who won seven times in a row. 

The players may be hiding in their shells, but once they return and make a stand in the playoffs, the Titans are guaranteed to be a Super Bowl 2022 contender. The Titans are good picks on most Online NFL betting & odds. This team is definitely worth the bettor’s money. 

Los Angeles Rams

After adding Odell Beckham Jr. to the team, the Los Angeles Rams are going all-in, and many fans viewed the team as the Super Bowl 2022 favorite out of all the teams in the NFC. The Rams are proving this title as they won over the Cardinals in Arizona in week 14. The Rams remain a strong postseason contender showing their aggressive defense that has been built paired with one of the highest-scoring offenses in the NFL. 

Los Angeles Rams have the star power on both offense and defense to win all the way. Matthew Standford has thrown seven interceptions in his past three games, which helps slow down Cooper Kupp. It is a matter of staying healthy for the team while remaining constant in cleaning up their mistakes. 

Green Bay Packers 

As New Orleans was blowing out Aaron Rodgers and his team in week1, the off-season with Green Bay was filled with drama. This unexpected event feels like the sky is falling for Wisconsin, but the Packers did not back down. The team won seven consecutive games before AR12 had to miss week 9. 

The scary part for the other Super Bowl contenders is that the Packers did all the victories without All-Pro left tackle David Bakhtiari and Pro Bowl edge rusher Za’ Darius Smith. These two-star players will be back in the game this postseason. In addition, Jaire Alexander will also be likely to join Green Bay in January, so fans are expecting a vigorous game for the Packers. 

Buffalo Bills

With many obstacles, Josh Allen has gotten the Buffalo Bills back on top of the AFC East. The Bills proved to the crowd that they are a better team compared to before. Having a chance to play in normal conditions against the New England Patriots instead of 40 miles per hour winds as they did in week 13.

Even though the Bills cannot run the ball with eruptive effectiveness, Allen still got their backs. Allen doubles as a Quarterback, which means that he is deadly with his arm as he uses his legs. The loss with Tre’ Devious White has not yet come back to bite them, and it will not be possible since Poyer and Hyde are in the backfield for support. You cannot deny that the Bills have a high chance to be a Super Bowl 2022 contender. 


As an avid football fan, placing your bets should not be a reckless action. You must note which team can win the championship award in this year’s Super Bowl. This might be a tough decision since many teams have great potential based on their games during the preseason. Should not be discouraged since the teams you picked played their best in the field if you lose. 

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