Top NBA Players Hesitant To Participate In COVID-19 Vaccine

Written by Jeffrey Iafrate

After a recent survey was conducted, the NBA’s top stars have noted they wouldn’t wanna participate with the COVID-19 vaccine. NBA commissioner Adam Silver has been talking recently about the possible distributions of the COVID-19 vaccine to the players by the end of 2021 to loosen up protocols and stop spreading. It’s gonna be hard to get the players on board, even after all the protocols they have to go through, making their life more difficult.

There are a number of things that are contributing to the reluctance from many players, including the largely unpopular All-Star Game that players aren’t happy going to.

We want the players to be safe of course, but they have control over what they put in their bodies. The 2021 season is already been extremely complicated with all the players out with COVID and games having to be postponed, if the players collectively took the vaccine the season certainly would have less hiccups. If the best players in the NBA don’t wanna take the vaccine then the rest of the league certainly isn’t gonna do it.

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