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Top Five Most Inopportune Photos of Drew Magary

Written by Jacob Nikolson

We all know Drew Magary, the infamous dude behind Deadspin aka the company that can’t be Barstool Sports so they’ll just troll them instead. As one my know, the founder/CEO and their image is critical to the company morale as well as their image. Given Drew’s prolific career history, it’d be real misfortunate if someone seeing his face for the first time and sees a photo like this:

He looks like he’s about to either A) Chew some intern out for messing up his Soylent Latte order, B) Show the audience his special talent of hissing through his teeth, or C) Pucker up to El Pres and El Capitan after yet another failed trolling attempt. That’s certainly not the best picture (or shirt) he has, but hey it could be something worse:

I really wish I had the context for the image. I’m sure it’s out there however I’d prefer not to know. If he wasn’t married I’d assume this was his dating profile pic, which if that was the case YIKES. He looks like he’s between 12 to 35 in this pic! If I was female I’d definitely swipe left, block, and report that profile because I’m getting Bundy Vibes form this pic. If he invites you over don’t accept an open drink.

This would be his face after his feelings get hurt from getting clowned on by PSE and Barstool.

When Mom says Tenders are ready

When you get Chopped, Company gets tarnished for failed trolling, and the stakeholders ask how everything is doing at the investor meeting. This is Jacob, signing off!

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