Top Famous Actors Who Are Basketball Fans

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Hollywood and the NBA are two of the biggest industries in the world. They are the homes of many of the superstars that we love to see on our TV screens. Hence, it gets even more exciting when these two different worlds collide in front of our eyes. 


Have you ever turned your TV on during a game only to find a movie star waving from the front seat? NBA games are often star-studded events, so it is quite normal to spot celebrities courtside. In this article, we will be rounding up the top famous actors who love the billion-dollar game

  1. Jack Nicholson 

We could have started this list with several names, however, none of them deserved this spot more than Jack Nicholson. Celebrity sports fans don’t come more loyal than the 12-time Oscar nominee. He has been a Lakers fan since at least 1970, which was when he bought his first season tickets. Over the years, Jack Nicholson has watched the LA Lakers win 11 titles. Sounds incredible, right? 

Additionally, the dedication he has shown to the team is legendary. He went as far as adjusting his filming schedule to suit the timing of Lakers games and traveled with the team during the Playoffs and NBA Finals. As for his career, he is an accomplished actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. He has won three Academy Awards and also boasts the record of being the most nominated male in the award’s history. Some of his best movies include As Good as It Gets, Batman, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. 


  1. Eva Longoria 

The next movie star with an enduring love story with basketball is Eva Longoria. Eva is a golden globe nominated actress that has been a lifelong fan of the San Antonio Spurs. Spurs moved to San Antonio in 1973 and Eva was born not long after in Corpus Christi.

However, Eva’s love story with the basketball team took an interesting turn along the way. She started attending Spurs games in the early 2000s and one day, she requested to meet the players after a match. This was how she met the then point guard Tony Parker and they fell in love just like you would love the best paying online casinos. and got married in 2007 but unfortunately, the marriage only lasted three years due to Parker’s unfaithfulness.

She stopped showing up at Spurs games after their divorce and didn’t return till the start of the 2019/20 season, following Parker’s retirement. Eva has starred in several TV series over the years but the most notable one is easily Desperate Housewives. 

  1. Matt Damon

Only a few teams in the NBA can match the success of the Boston Celtics. The franchise has been able to attract several celebrity fans thanks to its total of 17 championships. When it comes to movie stars, the Celtics’ top fan has to be none other than Matt Damon. 

Damon was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and there is no doubt that he bleeds Celtic green. He has kept a courtside seat for several years as the leader of Celtics fandom for Hollywood. Alongside fellow Boston boy Mark Wahlberg, Damon had an infamous encounter with the LA Lakers head coach during the 2008 finals. The actors drove the Lakers coach mad with their cheers and their team went on to clinch the title. 

During his acting career, he has played famous roles such as Jason Bourne (Bourne franchise), Linus Caldwell (Ocean’s Trilogy), and Francois Pienaar (Invictus). He also has a Golden Globe Award. 

  1. Jamie Foxx 

Jamie Foxx is no doubt one of the most talented acts to ever grace Hollywood. He is a successful actor, comedian, and musician but he loves one more thing, basketball. He has been a fan of the Dallas Mavericks since they debuted in Dallas over forty years ago. Foxx even joked about his fandom during his shows. 

Though he relocated to LA about two decades ago, he has remained loyal to the Mavs. Not even his friendship with Lakers legends like Magic Johnson and the late Kobe Bryant could change his mind. Foxx was present during the Mavs’ championship parade in 2014. He has won several awards and appeared in several excellent movies including Ray, Collateral, Django Unchained, Dreamgirl, and Marvel’s Spiderman: No Way Home

  1. Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart has become a worldwide sensation over the last decade thanks to his highly successful comedy shows and blockbuster movies. He has also had an interest in basketball since he was a kid as he mentioned in Laugh at My Pain. You may not believe this, but he was once in the same basketball camp as the late Kobe. 

Today, he is one of the biggest supporters of Philadelphia, and he particularly loves the Philadelphia 76ers. Some of Hart’s best movies include Jumanji, Ride Along, and Think Like a Man. 

Final Thoughts 

The beautiful game attracts people from all walks of life, the top famous actors included. These Hollywood superstars have added more excitement and glamor to the courtside for several decades. We have rounded up five of the most famous that love basketball along with their favorite teams. 

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