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Professional sportspeople usually have an uneasy life: the more you do — the more people care about your life. Sure, a person can’t please everyone, but the guys from this list can obviously annoy their fans.

James LeBron

Anti-aesthetic physical dominance, whining about referees, the Prima Donna Complex, and the control over the Cleveland Cavaliers, which had led to the dismissal of David Blatt — none of it helps LeBron to win over fans. People expect him to fail instead.

It finally happened this season. LeBron’s basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers, lost their chance to get into the playoffs. Nobody could help this team, even Anthony Davis and Russel Westbrook. By the way, LeBron refused to shake Phoenix Sun’s hands. And now, according to the bookies of website, this club is one of the major contenders for the championship. Karma doesn’t forgive such behavior in basketball.

Kobe Bryant

LeBron’s opponent spent his career in the Los Angeles Lakers, that is how he had deserved love. However, there still were many people who hated him. Events had happened one by one. At first, there was a Colorado case. Later, the coach used all his connections to make Bryant look selfish and an uncontrollable player. The banishing of Shaquille O’Neal had made people angry because they loved him: he was charming, funny, and he was a master of hilarious interviews. After all, Bryant had decided to wall off the world and talk to it with the help of games only.

Dennis Rodman

Rodman has always wanted the world to hate him and played the role of the bad guy. The forward used dirty tricks on a playground, he was rude and acted provocatively. When he had become a basketball player for the Chicago Bulls, his popularity grew to the size of Jordan’s glory. But Michael Jordan preferred to become famous with the help of different commercials, by selling sneakers and by his achievements in basketball while Rodman trolled his opponents, humiliated the Mormons, kicked the operators, took part in wrestling, and had a bad reputation. He was like a guy from another planet.

Wilton “Wilt” Chamberlain

Wilt had contradictory relations with his partners and coaches. He remained in history as a talented but moody player. He could work together only with two coaches, didn’t hesitate to criticize other players in public, destroyed teams at the wrong time, and was always whining about referees, journalists, and partners. Moreover, he concentrated on his own purposes at the expense of the team. He was the best star in the Super Basketball League, and his behavior was new to the fans. I think modern people would still be irritated because of him.

Bruce Bowen

Bowen was known as a player who liked to play dirty: he tripped opponents up and hit them in the rib with his elbow. With the power of the Internet and Youtube, Bowen became famous, but not in a good way.

Isiah Thomas

The aggressive style of the Detroit Pistons’ game was built by big guys who could easily cause some problems for their opponents. No one could say something like this about Thomas, but everyone understood where the “Bad guys” were coming from. 

“Isiah was their ringleader. He lectured them, fired them, and wanted them to do what they must do to win. — Scottie Pippen said.

Thomas was responsible for the representation of the team and was a spokesman in different interviews. Isiah became the respondent in every conflict: he doubted John Stockton’s powers, supported Dennis Rodman’s words addressed to Larry Bird, had a fight with Michael Jordan in the 1985 NBA All-Star Game and made this conflict even worse, betrayed Adrian Dantley, and was one of the players who were against the returning of Magic Johnson.

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