Professional hockey is a very dangerous sport. Even if a player can dodge a puck, hurtling at his face with great speed, it doesn’t mean he will keep his teeth. The real danger comes from hockey players themselves because they let their anger fester and then dump it on other players during the game. The most emotional guys usually wake up their anger, and that leads to serious consequences.

Alexander Ovechkin

Alex is famous not only for a large number of goals but for his tough game style. Many people notice his passion and excitement when he is on the ice rink. He has a high number of force techniques, and if we divide the total number of these tricks into the number of all games played, we will find out that the forward of the Washington Capitals makes a forced move twice a game. However, the hockey legend isn’t going to stop: he continues playing and doesn’t let his opponents relax. If you are interested in hockey and watch NHL games, you can try to bet on one of the hockey teams by choosing the right bookmaker company on website.

Darius Kasparaitis

Darius was a real nightmare to his opponents during NHL games. He is considered the last defender of the Soviet School of hockey, who could play tough without breaking any rules. Darius fans usually remember two tricks that are still legendary. Once he took out Eric Lindros with a huge hit: the Canadian player got a concussion then. Other times, he took out Simone Gagne. That’s why Darius Kasparaitis was a master in hockey — there are just a few players who can play aggressively and still obey the rules.

Cameron Neely

Cam became a legend of the Boston Bruins by playing 10 seasons for the “bears”. His number 8 was even withdrawn from circulation in 1996. The hockey player had unbelievable technical skills and good performance. His memorable force techniques will go down in history and remain in the memory of his fans. It’s a bit interesting that he could play aggressively but he had maintained control of himself and had never broken the rules. Maybe that’s the reason why his fans love him so much and why he is so popular.

Denis Potvin

One of the greatest defenders in the history of the NHL spent his career with the New York Islanders. He was one of the hockey players who played magnificently both in the attack and in the defensive position. He was the true leader of his team and one of the toughest players in the history of the League. He could combine his force with effectiveness.

Dion Phaneuf

The first choice of Calgary Flames in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft is considered to be one of the most overrated players of modern NHL despite his good statistics. However, he was very good at using force. The leadership of the Toronto Maple Leafs was against the statement that Dion Phaneuf was overrated. The hockey club thought that the Canadian captain had a positive impact on his team. The player united all the partners and improved the team spirit, such a result is as valuable as the number of goals. Speaking about Dion’s force: somehow he broke the barrier twice a period.

Scott Stevens

The defender became a symbol of the triumph of the New Jersey Devils. The hard-line player was the face of the “Devils” who had won two Stanley Cups twice in four years. Scott Stevens literally knocked out his opponents with harsh tricks that were allowed in the 90s. He had finished the Kasparaitis’ job and ruined the career of Eric Lindros. Moreover, everybody still remembers that horrible hit on Paul Carey’s head. Unfortunately, karma caught up with him: he had to finish his career because of a brain injury.


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