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Top 5 Things The New York Yankees Are Softer Than

Written by austenlange

The New York Yankees fan base is absolutely softer than anything imaginable. They still hold onto the fact that they were cheated out of a World Series Championship….. Just absolutely hysterical. They don’t even try to acknowledge the fact they had to go beat the LA Dodgers that were an absolute WAGON. This stems from a team that had their manager (Aaron Boone) get ejected in 2019 for an altercation with an umpire where he yelled, “Our guys are fucking savages in the box.”. Boone then proceeded to say it’s unfair how his team is treated based solely on their payroll… Fuck him and fuck you too if you ride with those shit bird Yankees.

This list will just be me giving out items that you see in or around your daily life that the Yankees are softer than.

5. Charmin Ultra Soft

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4. Feather

Barred Owl Feather Drawing by Brent Ander

3. Fuzzy Slippers

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2. Clouds

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  1. Baby Shit
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