Top 5 Sports You Should Start Betting on This 2023

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Although basketball and football(soccer) are widely popular sports to bet on, it’s time to consider a few options to place your bets on. Many options are available if you want to start a new hobby or a new sport to bet on this year. There are various sports betting software that can come in handy to get a deeper understanding of the betting process. If you are in the process of searching for a new sport to bet on this 2023, you might want to look deeper into the following sports listed below:


You should start this year if you haven’t bet on football matches yet. It is not a surprise that football comes at the top of the list. It was the most betted sport last year, with about 81% of individuals betting on the NFL last October 2022.

Aside from betting on the NFL, you also have the option to bet on college football games. There are many chances to wager on college football every Saturday with various divisions and more teams and player prop bets than you could think of. 

Even though big markets are competitive, football betting has many advantages when you factor in the preseason, halftime wagering, and live betting. The advantages you can get from betting on football are:

  • Offers huge betting limits for Americans, larger than any other sport.
  • Chance to bet on the Super Bowl LVII Props
  • Have lots of futures, props, and anything else in between


If you are looking for a sport where you can lose yourself, it’s cricket. You will definitely enjoy betting on this sport and won’t have a dull moment as it’s very complex and strategic. You’ll surely be sinking your teeth deeper into this sport if you start to bet on it. 

You’ll find other game variants when betting on cricket matches, such as Twenty20 (T20) and Test cricket. What makes it even better is that you can easily pick what kind of cricket you want to bet on in each of the top cricket betting sites online. 

The greatest betting services ensure that all the updates and information you require are offered throughout lengthy contests. This enables you to view the game from a broad range of viewpoints. Cricket betting accomplishes exactly what betting on the best sports should accomplish: it increases the enjoyment of the game, whether you win or lose.

The pros of betting on cricket are as follows:

  • Unparalleled depth
  • Incredibly smart market selection
  • Improve your knowledge and appreciation for the game


The latter is the least bet among the four major American sports, which are baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. You’ll profit significantly if you’re knowledgeable enough to bet on it. Ice hockey has historically had lower betting odds than other sports, with most sportsbooks maintaining sides and totals at $2,000 or $3,000, respectively. 

Props and NHL live betting are available for your preference, but the wagering thresholds are far lower than in other sports, which might be more tempting to novice gamblers. On top of that, hockey is continuously expanding its influence.

The NHL is expanding into unclaimed terrain that the now-defunct Western Hockey League left behind. To establish the Seattle Krakens in 2020 and prepare for the 2021–2022 season, they acquired an expansion franchise in the Seattle region in 2018.

They will likely seize future opportunities to expand the sector and the sports betting market because they have increased from 6 teams to 32. The pros you can enjoy when you start betting on hockey includes but are not limited to:

  • Many games you can bet on. Hockey consists of 82 regular-season matches, preseason, and playoffs.
  • Opening lines could be soft if you are educated about hockey and its wagering markets.
  • You have the option to bet on props betting or live to bet.


Rugby isn’t extremely popular worldwide, but the countries that accept it do so with amazing enthusiasm. We believe it stands out from a betting standpoint because of a special combination of depth of strategies paired with intensity and physicality. 

Due to the high-scoring nature of the sport, there are numerous opportunities within the over and under-markets as well. Only if live streaming were more widely accessible would it have ranked even higher on our ranking. The pros of betting on rugby are:

  • It is both exciting and thought-provoking
  • Amazing worldwide competitions to wager on
  • Numerous fantastic Over/Under markets


Boxing is among the most widely preferred betting sports. In boxing, wagers can be made by bettors on a variety of game-related variables. You can place a wager on the match’s outcome and the player’s strategy, duration, and other factors.

The sport offers a little less in terms of betting chances, despite having various organizations and promotions. Betting in boxing offers greater betting limits and live betting possibilities for bettors because it can be more widely available and has existed longer. In contrast to other sports, it doesn’t have a lot of prop betting. The pros of betting in boxing include the following:

  • Higher limits on major fights
  • Offers a few prop betting and live betting options
  • Smaller events do not receive much attention from oddsmakers.

Pick A Sport According to Your Interest

Choose which among the five mentioned sports captured your interest and consider studying that chosen sport. Once you familiarize yourself with the sport you pick, you now have a new sports betting option, and you aren’t stuck with one sport that you repetitively bet on year in and out. 

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