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Top 5 Reasons Andrew Yang Has My Vote #YangGang #YangGang2020 @andrewyang

I am not one to talk about politics. I actually hate politics, I’m sure I’m not the only one. But with Andrew Yang running for President it’s a different story. Feel free to click here to go straight to Yangs policies on his website.

(On top of just being a standup, humble and funny guy) Andrew Yang isn’t scared to go onto podcasts without knowing questions and continues to win fans over. Here is a list of some platforms you can check him out on:

Here are the top 5 reasons that Andrew Yang has my vote.

5. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA – Would be higher but it’s legal where I live. Needs to be legalized Nationwide.

If you don’t think legalizing marijuana Nationwise is a good idea, you might as well shut your laptop off or your phone and go hide in a closet. Marijuana is legal in certain part of the Country, just make it legal nationwide.

Why are people still sitting in jail for marijuana? And let’s be real here, majority of them are African-American. That isn’t fair.

An ounce of weed, a pound, 10 pounds, it doesn’t matter. Get them out of jail. It’s a plant.

Everyone knows someone who smokes weed, and if you don’t you’re probably the one who smokes weed.

And if you don’t know anyone, and you don’t smoke weed, maybe you should start so you have some friends.


Yes! It’s time to get rid of the useless penny. They cost more to make them then they’re worth.

Nobody likes carrying them around.

They are basically useless.


If you’re against this you need to rethink your mindset. College athletes have no time to work, three they’re practicing, in the weight room, in the classroom, or studying.

That literally is not fair.

Think about how much these big colleges are making.

If they are going to make you attend events when the colleges can make money off their name, or likeness they deserve a % of it.

100,000 people in a stadium just because these student athletes dedicate their life towards a sport and they make $0 off of it.

Some of them get “free education”….. but most graduate with $0 and start over because all they’ve known is their sport.

That isn’t right.

Plus if they do this they could bring back the very popular college football and basketball video games they can’t produce anymore because they can’t use player likenesses.


I think everyone can agree with this… banning robot calls would save everyone time, money, and energy.

I get about 30 of these robot calls a day (I’m not kidding either) and banning them would be a very smart move.

1. UBI

OK, Universal Basic Income. Something you might not understand. As President Andrew Yang plans to give each US resident $1,000 a month to pay for their basic needs.

Personally this would help expand this website that you’re reading this on. $1,000 a month would help some people start that ‘business’ that they’ve always wanted to start or maybe leave that job they’ve always hated.

Robots are coming, technology is advancing, truck drivers are losing jobs to automation and we need to make sure that once they do lose this job they aren’t suicidal and mental health will be tough. At least they’re getting something to fall back on.

This is how I’m going to explain it to you: think about Alaska.

Every year each Alaska resident receives $1000-$2000, why?

Because of oil.

Alaska has always been known for their oil. So they give a small percentage back to everyone who lives there.

Well, what is oil of the 21st-century? Technology.

Think about it, Amazon paid zero dollars in Federal taxes last year.

You, the person reading this paid more than Amazon.

We can’t be mad at Amazon, there’s a loophole. They figured it out. Now it’s time to fix that loophole. How? By adding a value added tax. Click here to go to Yangs website explaining UBI.

Instead of me explaining it, and making you more confused let’s have Andrew explain it himself:

I don’t know about you, but these five reasons are enough for my vote. #YangGang

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