Top 5 Moments With Triple H And Stephanie McMahon

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Over the weekend, the official Youtube page for WWE posted a Top 10 List featuring some great moments with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. A little bit of a weird countdown to feature but meh. Marks the anniversary of their beloved wedding on television way back when in 1999. Of course, as most wrestling fans know, this then sparked a real life relationship and a legitimate marriage four years later in 2003. Anyways, the list was pretty good…but left out quite a bit. Like many countdown lists, it is always tough to name EVERYTHING! You’re going to forget a few entries or skip a couple of moments. Just how it goes.

Thus, I am going to list five moments with HHH and Steph that were NOT in the WWE-Youtube video. The only rules for this are obvious: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have to be in the same segment/match. For reference, here you go…

Wrestling Lessons with Trish Stratus – Look, I get why this wasn’t included in the countdown. While there isn’t anything vulgar or raunchy, at the same time, it is not exactly PG rated either. Back in the summer and Fall of 2000, HHH and Steph were having some ‘issues.’ On screen of course. For whatever reason, HHH found himself in the precarious position of having to team with blonde bombshell Trish Stratus. At the time, she was new to wrestling and didn’t know many holds or moves. Triple H knew he was screwed and was well aware of the fact that he was basically going into this thing two on one. Trish knew nothing! Heck, she couldn’t even tell the difference between a wrist lock and wrist watch. Right before the match though, it was suggested maybe Triple H could at least TRY to make the best of this bad situation? Maybe teach Trish a few things? Maybe it won’t be so bad after all…so The Game did just that. He was legitimately trying to show Trish a hold and reversal. Unfortunately, Stephanie McMahon walked in right as HHH was bent over behind her. The camera work here was amazing. Triple H had his mouth wide open, Steph started yelling and screaming, and Trish just got the heck out of the way. Excellent moment.

Slow Walk Back – This moment was off camera, so I am cheating a little bit. I plead guilty to that. As most recall, Triple H tore his quadricep in May 2001 during a live episode of WWE Raw during the main event. It was absolutely grueling to watch him finish the match, knowing full well he was injured, would need surgery and be out for months, if not longer. He was, no pun intended, a gamer. Triple H did indeed end the match, including having a freakin’ leg submission put on him, end his portion of the closing sequence and IMMEDIATELY rolled to the outside and just clenched his quad. Seriously, go find the clip from the May 21st, 2001 edition of RAW. Immediately when the three count ended, the camera panned to him just laying there on the floor. As mentioned, he already knew his leg was jacked up. That is when the show went off the air. After this though, everybody eventually realized how serious this was. After a long evaluation, Triple H finally walked back up the ramp to the backstage area. He later admitted his thoughts were “How quickly can I get back?” The answer was about eight months, but the real emotional kicker is during his walk up the ramp. He is being helped by two officials, clearly limping and just breathing in and out…and right by his side is Stephanie McMahon. Quite the gut punch to watch but was very telling. She was going to stick with him through thick and thin.

Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Renew Their Vows – Oh my. The drama of a relationship that is built up for television viewers. In February 2002, HHH was officially back in the company riding high from his injury recovery. Well, during his absence, audiences grew to even Stephanie McMahon. Yes, even more than normal. The couple was still together and all that, so it made for a strange dynamic. Fans loved HHH but did NOT love Steph. On a episode of Raw, clearly sensing some friction, Steph suggested they renew their wedding vows on Raw. Triple H shot that down and said why must everything be made public? Why is everything for show? Why? What’s the point. Once Stephanie knew things were going to fall apart, she made another bombshell. SHE WAS PREGNANT! That is why they had to renew their vows. The live crowd gasped and then went nuts. It was quite the moment. HHH paused, seemed frustrated, shocked and bewildered…but then hugged Steph knowing he was going to be a daddy. Awww! On the following Smackdown, they even saw a doctor for their first ultrasound photo. Very touching. When it came time for Raw to renew the vows, yet another bombshell was dropped! According to Steph’s mother, Linda McMahon, she was never pregnant! The doctor was an actor, and Steph was lying all along knowing the relationship was in trouble. Oh my, now keep in mind this was right before the vows “segment” was to begin. Triple H knew Steph was lying, but Steph didn’t know that Triple H now knew. The fans were just drooling and salivating for the last bombshell to drop, and then it did. Triple H looked at Steph and called her a no good lying b***h! Fans cheered wildly, and their feud with one another began. 

Randy Orton Strikes – Not too much later, HHH and Steph reunited on air. Them feuding has never really lasted too long. By early 2009, let me set the stage for you. Randy Orton was the Royal Rumble, while was the new WWE Champion. They had already been sniping each other a little bit, with Mr. RKO wanting to take out the entire McMahon family one by one. This created a cool story line, where it only made sense that HHH would be WWE Champ to face Rumble winner, Orton. Things had already been made personal, but it was taken to a whole new level when Stephanie McMahon appeared on RAW. Seeing that Triple H was in the middle of a beatdown, she ran out for the save. Yes, Steph, who I believe had recently given birth. Not a good idea to say the least. Very quickly, Randy Orton had her caught up in the ropes, while her husband HHH was handcuffed to the ropes! Unbelievable. Within feet of his reach, all he could do was stand there and watch and Orton gave Stephanie McMahon a devastating DDT! HHH couldn’t do a darn thing about it. He shook the ropes inside the ring, did his best to escape the handcuffs and just raged in anger. Mere feet away remember…it was brutal to watch. However, Orton was not done quite yet. With Steph now knocked out cold, Orton leaned in and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. Sickening. The story line led them all the way to the main event of WrestleMania 25, and it was segments like this why.

Match Of The Year – Go ahead and name me another power couple that has competed in a Match Of The Year in professional wrestling. Not just WWE but anywhere. In 2018, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon did just that at WrestleMania 34. For my money, it was not only the highlight of the grandest stage of them all two years ago but stood out from every single other company for the entire calendar. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon battled Kurt Angle and the debuting Ronda Rousey in a stellar mixed tag team match. Thirty minutes of pure brilliance. I actually wrote a column right after the match aired, breaking it down point by point, move by point. This was just pro wrestling at its finest. I loved it. Not only could these two dominate in dramatic scenes and over the top relationship segments. They could then get in the squared circle and wrestle! Even in their 40’s, HHH and Steph proved they were still THE whole d**n show in 2018 and beyond. Match of the year. Period.

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