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Top 5 Memes Guaranteed to Piss Off Dallas Cowboys Fans

Written by Nate

NOTE: the title image is the honorable mention meme.

Just to stir the pot towards those obnoxious and arrogant Dallas Cowboys fans alike, I have gathered some memes and ranked in for the top 5 best ones that are guaranteed to piss them all off. 

And boy there were plenty of those funny memes to find online. 

5) What is Ezekiel Elliott Wearing?! 

This crop top that Elliott is known for wearing has been getting attention… and for all the wrong reasons. I always found it weird and I would think most fans would agree with me. 

Can’t tell if he’s playing in an actual game, or if he’s going to be trying out to be part of the team or the Longest Yard’s cheerleading squad. Touch choice for him. 

4) The Classic Willy Wonka Sarcastic Meme 

Ah yes, the grand old Willy Wonka meme. And this one about Dallas tells the truth. Yes Cowboys fans, please tell us in your delusional minds how you’re going to go to the Super Bowl and how it will finally be your year. 

The reactions that would come from Cowboys fans write itself. 

3) Brokeback Mountain Training Camp

Yup, the meme from the movie Brokeback Mountain basically sums up how training camp went for the Cowboys. Nothing else to say from there. 

2) How did Romo’s Cowboys Beat the Lions? 

For Lions fans, this could make you angry thinking about how the refs jobbed the team in that wildcard game in 2014, in which one call started to seal the team’s fate. But I may have an idea on why it happened. 

Can’t tell who always gets the calls, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or the entire Cowboys team. 

1) Dallas Crybabies 

Now I feel sorry for the baby, but the baby crying meme sums how all Cowboys go through after choking another season. And this is an amazing delight for all the other 31 football teams’ fanbases. 

In conclusion, it is always such a delight to see that team choke more than anything at the end of the season because we’re tired of seeing the smug, wrinkled face of Jerry Jones, the divas such as Elliott, quarterback Dak Prescott, all the attention from the national media covering them day-to-day, and the clap master himself Jason Garrett (just cut the clapping, will you?)  

I’m sure you will have fun with us watching the Super Bowl at home, because arrogant fans, players, and former players from Dallas deserve nothing good after all the undeserved hype from the media they keep getting because ‘they’re America’s team.’ 

No, you’re not. As a fan of the rival’s team, I consider Green Bay as America’s team before the Cowboys because of all the team’s history, success, and how they changed the game. It has been proven time and again and that’s a fact. 

Sorry, but not sorry. 

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