This isn’t my first article and the hottest young up and comer on the WWE roster. Parker Boudreaux is without question the next big thing, and although I’m sure we will see him tearing it up on NXT sooner than later, we need to see him on the main roster quickly to face the talents listed below. Names like Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and John Cena are obvious ones. But there are a few others that would be great to see him square off against.

There are very few people on the main roster that can garner sympathy like Daniel Bryan. I’m sure many fanboys out there will hate hearing me say this. But having Boudreaux rise to the main card and squash Daniel Bryan in his first PPV match would be astounding. Imagine the beatdowns Brian could take on Smackdown. Week after week, Boudreaux could lay him out. Right when everyone is expecting Bryan to get his payback at a PPV, Boudreaux squashes him ala Lesnar VS Cena at Summerslam years ago. That would be a great way to establish Boudreaux’s career.

Everyone coming up from NXT faces off against Ziggler at one point or another. He’s more or less been the “Gatekeeper” for upcoming NXT talents. While I think Bryan would be a better first feud, Ziggler would be a great follow-up feud. Ziggler could have a 5 star match with a broomstick and make it look good. Regardless of how green Boudreaux may be when he hits the main roster, Ziggler could make him look a million bucks. This is a match that will definitely happen at some point, it’s just a matter of when.

This is one of those matches whereby I’d want to see the typical WWE contract signing. You know, the ones that always with a table getting flipped over. Imagine the stare off between Big E and Boudreaux. This would be an absolute war in the ring of two brutes going just slugging away at one another. It would definitely be a “hoss” match and something that needs to be on a PPV. This is a future PPV main event match for sure. Big E and Parker Boudreaux would be BIG money.

This would be another slugfest right here. Parker Boudreaux VS Otis. What a hard hitting battle this would be. The more Otis picks up steam in the WWE, the better of an opponent he will be for Boudreaux when he debuts. I can see a situation similar to Hogan/Andrea whereby Boudreaux tries to slam him a few times and can’t pull it off, but a eventually on 4th and final time he’s able to pull it off, build up a huge comeback, and pin Otis clean. This is another “hoss” match that needs to happen whether its on a PPV or RAW/Smackdown.

This right here is a WrestleMania main event worthy match. Could you imagine the kind of work that Seth Rollins could do with a big man like Parker Boudreaux? Seth Rollins is the kind of talent that “makes” other talents. Much like Ziggler, Rollins could bump around the ring for Boudreaux and make him look like an absolute monster. Look how well Rollins and Lesnar worked together. If Boudreaux ends up being half the performer Lesnar is, a match with Rollins would be absolute gold.

Speaking of Boudreaux, he is mentioned in the article below. Who should be the man to finally end Roman’s Reign? Several names are listed inside, but who should be the one to take the title from him?

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