Top 5 Live Football Applications You Can Choose Today

Football is a sport that receives a warm welcome from fans around the world. Busy lives make it difficult for us to find time to watch exciting football matches on TV or at the stadium. Therefore, applications to watch live football on smartphones or tablets are gradually becoming familiar to those who love this sport. Please explore our article below to find out the most reputable live football watching applications today.

Live Football TV App & Scores

This application will turn your phone into a multi-option platform with the best quality. This app contains the official live football channels of football matches from around the world. All fixtures and cross-platform match lists are available in this app. In addition, it also includes the latest football news from leading football commentators, the latest match statistics, hot events, and news.

With this app, you can watch live football at any time you want.

In other words, this application will meet the needs and expectations of any football fan around the world. You can not only watch the latest football matches today, but you can also watch many interesting football matches from the past.

This application is from the site. This website is a trusted news website in the sports world, with a completely legal operation. Therefore, you can completely enjoy your favorite matches anywhere, as long as your device has an Internet connection. 

Currently, this application only supports the Android platform. If you are using other operating system devices, you can select the live football applications below.

Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV software is a complete and prestigious live football application in 2021. The app has viewing-friendly graphics because it has sports categories and a dedicated catalog of the latest football matches. This application is very popular in the US and European regions.

Live Soccer TV is the world’s favorite live football viewing application.

Main features of Live Soccer TV application:

  • Mobile application supporting two Android and iOS platforms for
  • Provide the schedules of major football tournaments, official broadcast channels, global streaming service
  • Provide all information about live match scores, match commentary, news.
  • Important tee announcements for your favorite team in most games.

The image of each match on the device is clear and the resolution is high. Both are the advantages of this application. Live Soccer TV app supports viewers in several languages ​​such as English, German and Spanish. For football enthusiasts, this software is an indispensable live football application on your phone.


The app was formerly known as SportsCenter. WatchESPN is a completely free application for Android and iOS operating systems. It brings users the latest sports news and information around the globe. Besides, you not only enjoy the top live football matches but also watch many other live sports events.

Moreover, you can also search for match results, breaking news about teams and leagues, and expert reviews. The ESPN app is something you should not miss if you are a true sports fan. Reading the information on ESPN is also a way to help you improve your English quite quickly if you are trying to learn English. This app supports all platforms like Android, iOS, Apple TV, Windows 8, Xbox One, PS4, and Chromecast.

WatchESPN is ESPN’s prestigious online football viewing application.

Because the app is completely free, you need to watch some of its pop-up ads. If you do not like these ads, you can completely turn them off by going into the app’s settings. However, from time to time still appears a few ads to earn more money to maintain the application.


Sports, football, news, special events, and regular celebrations are not available on regular streaming services. So how do you watch live football if you do not have a TV?

Mobdro is a free application that allows you to enjoy top-notch matches around the world. This app works by searching the net for the best video streaming channels. It will then make these channels viewable right on the app. Mobdro TV Free Sport has a huge stock of sports videos available that you can explore at any time. Thus, you can already view them conveniently on your device.

Unlike other apps that let you choose specific movies or TV shows, Mobdro allows you to pick up channels. You will then be able to watch any sports events or shows available on those channels. You can use this app without any cost.

Mobdro is a live TV streaming app. It allows you to watch live events on TV for free.

Besides, this app not only plays live football. You can also use Mobdro to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. You can watch on Mobdro anything available on TV and at the cinema.

Mobdro can be downloaded from the company’s website and works with most Android, Mac, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast 2 devices. It is important to remember that you need a Mobdro premium subscription to use this app. With Chromecast device.

Football Live TV – Live Score – Sport Television

This application is like a TV package. With it, you can watch any football channel, live football, and many more exciting matches.

You can choose in this application many different categories besides online football. We can mention Daily News, Live Scores, Betting Tips, and Football Video Highlights.

You can watch any football match in Europe, UK, the USA, or tournaments like Europa League, Champions League, Asian Sport, Euro, and World Cup. Thanks to the Football Live TV app, all are available in the palm of your hand.

In addition, you can also access to watch a number of TV channels such as Russian Sport, Sky Net Sports, Motor Sports, ESPN, and NFL Network. It is a great app for football fans. On the other hand, this app also supports Chromecast.

Football Live TV brings exciting football matches to you.

Above are all the best live football applications that we have introduced to you. Depending on the configuration of your computer or phone, you can choose one of the above software. We hope you will have moments of enjoying the football matches on those apps relaxing and refreshing.

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