NBA teams have awarded enormous contracts to free agents in the market or to extend their cherished players each and every year. The figures are simply impossible to comprehend because they are growing at an exponential rate annually.

Jaylen Brown, a shooting guard with the Boston Celtics, just agreed to a $304 million, five-year contract extension with Boston. Given that Brown isn’t regarded as a player of tier-one caliber, that is an unbelievably absurd amount. Teams are essentially paying out an insane amount of money to keep their stars on the team, and some of these payments are reasonable given the player’s excellent performance and anticipated development throughout the course of their contract.

We will list the top five best bargain contracts in the NBA today.

Jarrett Allen – Cleveland Cavaliers (5 Years/$100 Million)

In terms of value, Allen currently has one of the best contracts in the league. Because of his exceptional contributions to the young and energetic Cleveland Cavaliers, the 24-year-old is actually underpaid.

Allen has developed into an All-Star and is gradually taking the lead as one of the league’s most dependable big players right now.

Mikal Bridges – Brooklyn Nets (4 Year/$90 million)

After the Suns traded Bridges to the Nets in the previous season, no one believed he could be a team’s primary offensive weapon. In terms of his development as a player and trajectory, his current contract is a steal.


With the Suns, he was the team’s fourth scoring option; with Brooklyn, he essentially is their franchise player. A rare two-way player, Bridges is coveted by most NBA teams today. Bridges is approaching his peak, so he should anticipate receiving a sizable salary for his next contract.

Jalen Brunson – New York Knicks (4-year/$104 million)

Although Brunson knew his worth and played brilliantly for the Knicks last season, Dallas could have gotten him for a relatively low price. In his first season with the Knicks, the former National Player of the Year completely outplayed everyone and restored the excitement that had been absent from the Garden for years.


For the next several years, New York finally has a point guard, and Brunson is also approaching his peak, which further excites the fanbase of the Knicks. The Knicks really didn’t need to spend a fortune on this one, which is a plus.

Domantas Sabonis – Sacramento Kings (4-year/$74 million)

Since Sabonis is currently one of the finest big players in the game, this is now regarded as one of the best steals of the season. Basketball whiz Sabonis is a two-way player who has the ability to read opponents’ plays in advance.

Sacramento’s success the previous season was anchored by him, and all signs point to another winning season in 2024. In addition, Sabonis and Fox are developing into one of the league’s top pick-and-roll combinations in a very long time.

Luka Doncic – Dallas Mavericks (5 Year/$215 million)

The fact that the Mavs give Doncic over $40 million annually until 2027 is irrelevant. Given its worth and the quality of the player they now have, this is unquestionably one of the best contracts in league history.

By the time he hangs up his sneakers, Luka, one of the best players of this generation, has a good chance of becoming an all-time great based on his current career trajectory. No one will doubt the amount of money he makes each year if he manages to amass and win some of the most coveted accolades and awards by the time he’s finished.


Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images


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