Top 2020 WWE Draft Picks For Raw

It’s time to shake things up again!

This Friday night is night one of the 2020 WWE Draft. Night two will be Monday night. For professional wrestling fans, it’s an annual event that is designed to spice up the scene. New feuds, new opponents, new opportunities, new stars, new everything! While still scripted (obviously), WWE has taken a more sports approach in the past year and done stuff like draft rooms and different schemes in determining who is the best pick and why. Kinda cool and when done right, a nice spin on the show. This will be a two part column, focusing on WWE Raw and Smackdown separately. No official word on if NXT is included. Let’s start with my top five guys/gals that may be calling Mondays their new home starting next week…

Top 2020 WWE Raw Draft Picks

1. Sheamus – There is going to be no order for this. I am just listing who I feel needs a change of scenery. With Sheamus facing off against Big E this Friday night, I feel like The Cletic Warrior is wrapping up his current story line on Smackdown Live and heading elsewhere. He just lost his feud with Jeff Hardy and will probably lose this feud to Big E as well. Since Roman Reigns is unlikely to be giving up the Universal Championship anytime soon, there is not much more for Sheamus to be doing on the blue brand. Sheamus can head to RAW and be more than familiar. He had his biggest success on the red brand and has a ton of new opponents waiting for him. Right at the top of that list is current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Who wouldn’t want to see them slug it out? Of ALLLLLLL the names on the entire WWE roster potentially switching brands, I feel pretty confident in Sheamus going to Raw. That is #1 in my confidence rankings.

2. Daniel Bryan – Remember him? Yep, this is my BOLD pick of the entire WWE Draft. Currently, Daniel Bryan is at home with his lovely family. No issues there. All power to him for doing that. A newborn baby – can’t fault the guy in the current climate. However, I do believe it is only a matter of time before he returns to the squared circle. While retirement (for real this time) may be nearing for him, he still has plenty left in the tank. Since returning to the ring in early 2018, his entire comeback has been on Raw. Why not head to Mondays and start fresh? Outside of another clash with the dominant Roman Reigns, what is D-Bry going to do on Smackdown on FOX? Been there, done that. Maybe I am way off on this because Bryan has been helping behind the scenes with the blue brand? Maybe I am under estimating that all? Either way, I will be chanting yes, yes, yes if this move happens.

3. AJ Styles – Okay, let’s just clear this up. Yes, he JUST switched brands. Yes, he has bounced around a bit recently. Yes, he has this supposed ‘beef’ with Paul Heyman who is now on the blue brand. Yes, that is likely over blown and not THAT big of a deal anymore. I get all that. Trust me, I am well aware of the fact that he is the face that runs the place and has really made Smackdown his own the past few years. I know that. Here is what I see with my own eyes though. I see him kinda going from story line to story line without much of a purpose…and I see him racking up losses. Usually before the WWE Draft, that means the person is ‘leaving the territory’ and going to the other show. In this case, Styles has been losing and is moving to Raw. Again. Time will tell of course. The loss to Jey Uso last week was when it really hit me. WOW! He is now losing to him?!?! Alright, something has to be going on. For what it’s worth, Jeff Hardy is included in this discussion too. Same thing. Dude is a star and a move to Raw may be in the works. New contract and new theme music also?

4. Sasha Banks – I could be way off on this. Again, just how I see things when watching WWE television. Sasha Banks and Bayley have been connected at the hip for how long now? Seriously, go on the WWE Youtube page and search ‘Bayley and Sasha Banks’ for a quick second. There are videos of them brawling and fighting from years ago. Not even including the recent attacks last month. I mean, YEARS AGO! It was a very similar. This time, it was done a million times better. Just saying. They have feuded with one another. They have wrestled. They have been face, heel, in between and even traveled across around as Womens Tag Team Champions. Geez. I recently said they have been the MVPs of this empty arena…but it may be time to move on. Bayley is the Smackdown Womens Champion and inexplicably defends her title against Sasha this Friday night. No pay-per-view (yet), no cell stipulation, no huge hype, no big build, etc. It’s this Friday night. I don’t think WWE is done with Bayley as Smackdown Womens Champ yet, so that means Sasha is the one getting moved. While not ideal and certainly NOT what I would do, as mentioned, they need to break apart for awhile. There is plenty of talent in the women’s division. If all fails, go back to them on the Road to WrestleMania 37 in 2021. No harm, no foul.

5. The Miz/John Morrison – I have no idea if tag teams are being included as ‘one’ pick or how that works. WWE will probably tell us all the rules at some point…and then break them anyways. Regardless of what happens, The Miz and John Morrison have been played out on Smackdown. To that point, Morrison lost in two minutes to Otis on last week’s show. Like I said, talent that are usually moving lose on their way out. That screamed “RAW!!!!!!” to me. Will The Miz go with him? Will Otis follow them? How does all of that work with the Money in the Bank briefcase lawsuit thingy going on? No clue. I don’t really care. Just feels like Morrison could be doing more, and I say that as somebody who has never even been a big fan. Miz, Morrison, Otis – enough of that mess on Friday nights. Heck, Mandy Rose was just moved to Raw.

Quick Notes

– I thought about this months ago, but why not move the Edge/Randy Orton feud to Smackdown? Just a thought.

– If there is an NXT act going to Raw, Rhea Ripley is the star. She has been stuck in neutral in NXT for months now. Wonder why?

– Lucha House Party have been splitting up as of late for Smackdown. One of them on the move?

– Braun Strowman is an interesting name. He needs to get far away from that Alexa Bliss/Bray Wyatt pairing. Either he goes or they go.

– Will The New Day stick together? I know lots of fans would be upset if they went their separate way, but I don’t really care.

– King Corbin? Matt Riddle? Those two also need a fresh start. Wouldn’t be shocked by them moving either.

Long story short, we still don’t even know the format or outline of how the 2020 WWE Draft will play out, so your guess is as good as mine to the final results. I know I will be watching, and the cliche is 100% true right now: It’s time to shake things up again!

By Justin Watry (Twitter: @JustinWatry)

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