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Top 10 List of Wrestling Personalities Who Need to Be On the Broken Skull Sessions Podcast. @steveaustinbsr

The Broken Skull Sessions podcast has come a long way since the original incarnation of the Stone Cold podcast. The more Steve Austin has been conducting interviews over the past several years, the better he has gotten. In fact, the series highlighting the Undertaker may have been the best yet. But there are several personalities that would help get some more eyes on the product and do huge numbers.

  1. Roman Reigns– Over the nine months, Roman Reigns has become a polarizing figure on WWE television. For many years, Reigns was simply known as the next “John Cena” being shoved down the throat of the WWE Universe and the pushback he received was tremendous. Since Reigns returned last year, his new heel persona has caught fire and he’s done great things on Friday nights. He would make for a great interview on the Broken Skull Sessions, and I wouldn’t even mind if part of the interview was done in kayfabe. It’s time that Austin sits down with the current face of the WWE.
  2. Stephanie McMahon– There may be nobody more universally hated than Stephanie McMahon in the WWE. Even when she is portrayed as a face, very few people seem to like her character. She’s the kind of character that the WWE Universe loves to hate, and for that reason alone she would make for an excellent interview on the Broken Skull Sessions. Even in 2021, McMahons equal ratings.
  3. Trish Stratus- While Trish is always good for an appearance in WWE every few years, we have yet to see her sit down in a “tell all” interview or podcast on a big stage. Stratus is one of the greatest women performers of all time and its surprising that she has yet to be on the show. Austin and Trish had some interactions with one another during the Attitude Era, and I can only imagine these two sitting down to rehash some old stories from yesteryear would garner some attention.
  4. Paul Heyman- Paul is good about speaking with the media and is great at helping promote the WWE product, but when was the last time anyone sat down in an interview or podcast setting on a big stage to pick the brain of the greatest manager of all time? Heyman is vastly popular with the WWE’s hardcore audience and would certainly draw great numbers if he showed up on the Broken Skull Sessions. Austin and Heyman have known each other for a long time dating back to their time in WCW. Of course, Austin spent some time in ECW prior to becoming to WWE when Heyman ran the company. It would be an interesting dynamic between the two and we could probably learn things about both Austin and Heyman we never knew before.
  5. Eric Bischoff- Seeing Eric on the various “Table for 3’s” on the WWE Network and listening to him on his own podcast “83 Weeks” is very nostalgic, but for a different reason than most. When the WWE holds its “Legends” shows on RAW, it’s fun to see the wrestlers of yesteryear. But when Bischoff is talking about the glory days. it’s amazing how much insight you can gain on the business end of the professional wrestling business. Aside from that, Bischoff is slated to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year so the timing would be perfect.
  6. John Cena– I’m not sure how this has not happened yet. I’m sure Cena’s schedule is very busy, but who wouldn’t make time to sit down with the Rattlesnake for a couple hour conversation about the business they both once reigned supreme in? Cena and Austin have so much in common, just listening to a discussion between the two would be something all wrestling fans could sink their teeth into. I don’t see Austin throwing softball questions at Cena either regarding the current state and future of the business. This one needs to happen sooner than later.
  7. Shawn Michaels- There is always a lot to unpack with Shawn Michaels. He is one of the greatest superstars of all time, but at one point he was also one of the most dramatic….and drama followed him everywhere. Michaels and Austin have never really sat down publicly and talked about the big build up to WrestleMania 14 whereby the two of them squared off with Mike Tyson as the “Special Enforcer.” Yes, Michaels did show up on the original Stone Cold podcast, but the Broken Skull Sessions dives a bit more in depth with it gets than its predecessor. My only request, keep the talk of the Montreal Screwjob at a minimum. That is a horse that has been beaten to death.
  8. Becky Lynch- Sure, the “The Man’s” popularity has waned over the past year since she left the WWE to become a mother. That doesn’t change the fact that Becky Lynch was one of the biggest WWE Superstars of all time. Last year she was on Austin’s “Steve Austin Show”, but the Broken Skull Sessions is only going to reach a wider audience, especially now with the WWE Network being placed on Peacock. With Becky having been gone for over a year now, it would be great to see her back on WWE television with the Rattlesnake asking questions about how the past year has treated her and what the future holds for “The Man.”
  9. CM Punk- I know, this one is a pipe dream. I am not exactly the biggest fan of CM Punk, but the bottom line is if he made any kind of return to wrestling, my guess is he would make a stop on Austin’s podcast as a way of reintroducing himself to the audience. We all know that Punk is a huge fan of Austin, and Austin has said in the past how much he respects Punk. This could be a great way for WWE and Punk to mend fences. Give Punk a platform on their network to discuss whatever he wants. Again, the likelihood of this is slim but it would without question draw record numbers and probably shoot an injection of life that the WWE currently needs in its product right now.
  10. Vince McMahon- I mean you had to see this one coming right? Vince was the very first guest on the original Stone Cold podcast and it’s still talked about to this day. There were so many moments in that podcast that drew attention from not only fans but wrestlers alike, specifically the comment about “grabbing the brass ring.” It’s been seven years since Austin and McMahon sat down to discuss not only their age old feud but the current state of the wrestling business. It would be fascinating to see the two of them sit down , reflect on the original podcast, and talk about the current state of the business. This one needs to happen much sooner than later.
  11. The Rock- Ok, I know I said 10 but this one is a bonus and quite frankly, should have been in the original Top 10. With that said, every person I mentioned above is someone I would like to see on Austin’s podcast so I did not want switch anyone out. How great would it be to see the two most polarizing and electric performers in WWE history sit down for an hour or two to discuss old times? I can only imagine that The Rock is crazy busy so finding time to make this happen may prove difficult, but at some point or another this has to happen for wrestling fans across the world. I think it’s safe to say that any fan of the Attittude Era would mark out for this.
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