TOP 10: Hottest Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders of All-Time #DCC #HowBoutDemCowboys

Written by austenlange

Time to breakdown the HOTTEST of the HOT. Bringing to you gents, the top 10 Hottest Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders of ALL-TIME

10. Gina Alcala-1997

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9. Tia Williams 2007-2010

8. Tammy Vallejos 1997

7. Sarah Shahi 1999

6. Sandi Boruk 2000-2001

5. Abigail Klein 2007-2009

4. Leah Lyons 2002

3. Bonnie-Jill Laflin 1996

2. Ashley Hutchinson 2000-2001

1. Ashton Torres

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