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Top 10 Big Hits On Sidney Crosby; Watch Him Get Bodied Up And Down The Ice!

Written by Chris Powers

I hate Sidney Crosby and you should too.

Crosby is arguably one of the more hated players in the NHL. Not just because he’s a crybaby, or the fact that Mario Lemieux sheltered him like a newborn child his first several years in the NHL. Crosby is hated for the same reason that so many people hate Tom Brady.

Because he is so much better than everyone else, and accepting that reality is not easy to come to terms when you are anti Pittsburgh Penguins.

With that said, one of my favorite things to do is watch Sidney Crosby absolutely get crushed on the ice. Below you will find a video of the “Top 10 Best Hits”’on Sidney Crosby.

If you hate the Penguins and have disdain for Sidney Crosby, this video should bring joy to your soul.

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