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Tonight’s Season Finale Of The Curse Of Oak Island Rumored To Have Biggest Find In History

Written by TrevStone

Tonight is the season finale of The Curse of Oak Island and it’s a two hour episode! The big news? According to the History channel it says tonight is the “biggest find in Oak Island history”.

The episode is titled: Lost and Founding’s

Reportedly brothers Rick and Marty Lagina are confronted with a stunning new theory that might connect the Oak Island treasure to the birth of a nation!

There is a glimpse of hope when something is found in Smith’s Cove, and when Rick asks, “No record of this?” it’s confirmed. “Maybe there’s something on the other side of this,” says crane operator Billy Gerhardt.

When they hear the exciting news that, “they used the treasure to finance the Revolutionary War,” Marty responds, “Holy smokes!”

Later a symbol is found that matches one said to have been designed by George Washington, an incident that elicits a, “Holy shamoley,” from metal detecting expert Gary Drayton.

This is the last episode you’ll see Dan Blankenship as he has passed away and it has yet to be mentioned on the show and tonight’s two hour episode will have a moment for Blankenship. This will be a sad moment for all Oak Island fans. Blankenship is a legendary treasure hunter who has spent decades on the island.

Does the team find the discovery that they need?

Be sure to tune in.


I was right. Somewhat.

This episode was originally scheduled to be the season finale.  But after something BIG happened tonight Rick and Marty Lagina have been told they need to DIG.. NOW. They’ll be having one more episode on May 7th.

Let me tell you this coming week will be the biggest discoveries yet. Watch this preview:


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